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Jeremy Shantz is the mind behind Underwater Central. A seasoned sailor and underwater enthusiast, he brings his love for the marine world and his professional expertise to provide engaging content on underwater life, technology, and exploration. Dive in with Jeremy to discover the fascinating depths of the underwater world. Swimming, snorkeling coral reefs, and exploring the depths with ROVs are some of Jeremy's favorite pastimes when he isn't out boating with his wife and dog, gardening, or tending to his Cichlids or other fish. On land Jer enjoys hiking with his dog, building and designing dog houses, gardening, or operating his digital marketing agency, Farm 6 Media.

SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Camera review by

SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light Review

The SeaBlaze X2 Underwater Light – Reviewed, tested, and beat with a stick! Underwater lights are must-have boat accessories, especially if you love to go night fishing. These marine-grade devices come in different colors and add to the appeal of a vessel. If you’ve been looking for quality underwater boat lights, you must’ve come across …

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Akaso Brave 4 Camera review by Jeremy Shantz of

AKASO Brave 4 Pro Action Camera Review – Is it Worth the Price?

An AKASO Brave 4 Pro Review – Cheap Underwater Camera? Worth The Money? Let’s find out! The AKASO Brave 4 Pro Action Camera is a high-quality camera that is perfect for capturing amazing footage while you’re on the go. This camera is packed with features that will make your videos look incredible, and it’s very …

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Underwater Drones – The Amazing ROV Explained

Underwater drones or ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicle) are unmanned craft that traverses water-based environments. These drones are great for exploring and traveling underwater places too difficult, troublesome, or dangerous for humans to explore in person. We’ll explore the world of ROV drones and what they can offer. We’ll look at the benefits of using ROVs …

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